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Want to be a zookeeper for a day and name a zebra?

Here at Australia Zoo, we think we have the best job in the world and we want to share it with all the incredible kids out there! Our Zookeeper For A Day Program offers action-packed adventure every school holidays with a variety of programs on offer. We've even extend our programs so our...

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Animal Facts - Fact 13 Crocodilians

Crocodiles infamous 'death roll' is utilised when capturing prey. They 'twist' the animal off their feet so as they can drag them into the water to drown their prey. Generally though the imapact of the initial strike is all it takes to subdue the prey. The 'death roll' is also used to twist off bite-size pieces from a large prey item.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Toto the Broad-nosed Bat

Age: Juvenile Sex: Weight: 3gms Found: Toto the young bat was found in a zookeeper's office at Australia Zoo in Beerwah. Transported to: The zookeepers at Australia Zoo attempted to reun...

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Bindi Wildlife Adventures #7 - Croc Capers

Book #7 in Bindi's Wildlife Adventures Series The Irwins are on their annual crocodile-tagging trip in the Cape York Peninsula, the home of the extraordinary Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. When Bindi and Robert chance upon a camp site set up by a father and daughter behaving like two fish ...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Bindi the Saltwater Crocodile

Bindi was caught by Steve in the East Coast Croc Management program back in 1988. She was classed as a problem croc and if she was not caught she would have been shot dead. To avoid such a pointless killing Steve promptly captured her and brought her back to the Zoo. Bindi is a very light coloure...

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